Want Success? Try These 11 Unusual Success Hacks

Success Hack #1: Run Your Business Like You’ll Keep It Forever. Plan Your Business Like You’ll Sell It Tomorrow

Success Hack #2: Done Is Better Than Perfect

9 Reasons Why Chasing After Perfection Robs You Of Success

  1. Customers don’t care. Perfectionists strive for perfection in the smallest of details. Most customers either won’t notice or care.
  2. You don’t exist if you don’t produce. You may have the best offering in the history of the world. If you chase after perfection and don’t release it, you don’t exist.
  3. Momentum. Doers have momentum from being in the market and win. Perfectionists aren’t in the market, have no momentum, and lose. Every time.
  4. Mind Set. Dreamers chase after perfection and nothing gets done. Action trains your mind. For a dreamer, getting things done today becomes ‘one day.’ But ‘one day’ doesn’t exist.
  5. Reputation. Your actions, not your words say it all.
  6. Perfection Is An Illusion And Doesn’t Exist. Whatever flaws you may see, your customers either won’t care or notice. Perfection is an illusion. It doesn’t exist. Get over it.
  7. It’s A Numbers Game. You’ll never know if something is successful until you’re in the market. The more times you’re in the market, the higher your chance of success. Chasing after perfection eliminates this necessary process. And worst of all, your competition will demolish you.
  8. Practice Makes Perfect. The more you put products or services on the market, the better you become. It’s that simple.
  9. Time Waits For Nobody. You’re either in the market or not. Whether you’re a pauper or a billionaire, you only have 1,440 minutes a day. Make each minute count.

Empires Built By Adopting Done Is Better Than Perfect

Success Hack #3: Chase After Solving Problems, Not Money

Success Hack #5: Greatness Comes From Resourcefulness And Not Resources

Success Hack #6: Lacking Is A Strength, Not A Weakness

Success Hack #7: Just Because You Can Write The Check Doesn’t Mean You Should

  1. You’ve exhausted your resourcefulness
  2. You’re not able to move forward from lacking what’s needed
  3. You write the check

Success Hack #8: Spend Like A Pauper On Your Marketing Tests And Like A King On What Actually Works

  • Run as many marketing tests as possible for as little as possible as quick as possible.
  • Find out what works the best
  • Open your wallet and spend big on what’s working

Success Hack #8 In Action

Success Hack #9: The Experts Are Wrong

  • When looking to the future, experts look the past. But the past doesn’t equal the future. Ever.
  • Experts assume too much. As the saying goes, when you assume too much, you make an ‘ass’ out of ‘u’ and ‘me.’
  • Too much knowledge is dangerous. When you know too much, you take fewer risks. In this case, ignorance is bliss.

Success Hack #10: Don’t Think. Just Do.

Success Hack #11: The Best Time Of Your Life Is Right NOW


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