Unleashing Business Growth and Finance: Lessons From Neil Johnson, CEO of Duke Private Capital

Jeffrey Feldberg
3 min readJan 23, 2024

Many entrepreneurs find themselves in a challenging predicament while trying to grow their businesses. The quandary is balancing the need for expansion and financial reserves without diluting their equity ownership or risking business failure. The reality today is that many traditional financing options such as banks loans or private equity investments may not present the most suitable options for business owners who wish to maintain full control of their operations.

Yet, emerging alternatives like Duke Capital, led by renowned finance expert Neil Johnson, are providing solutions in the form of hybrid resources that offer both financial investment and strategic partnership. So, how can business owners best leverage these resources and strategize to scale their enterprises effectively?

The host of The Deep Wealth Podcast, Jeffrey Feldberg, interviews former investment banker and now CEO of Duke Capital, Neil Johnson.

A Nuggets of Wisdom From Experienced Financial Expert — Neil Johnson

Neil Johnson is a financial titan with a career spanning over 30 years in investment banking, merchant banking, and research analysis. As the Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of Duke Private Capital, Neil offers strategic financial alternatives and partnerships to business owners, helping them scale and maintain control.

Duke Private Capital’s model contrasts starkly with traditional financing options. Instead of offering a loan with an expiration date or pressing for equity stakes, Duke Private Capital presents a unique form of long-term investment. This investment affords business owners financial resources to grow and scale according to their vision and at their own pace. At Duke Private Capital, the mantra is “get rich slowly.” Instead of focusing on short-term gains, they choose to partner for the long-term with a keen interest in business growth, stability, and sustainability.

Harnessing The Potential of Established Businesses

Addressing the often-neglected group of established businesses, Duke Private Capital provides an opportunity to reinvent and scale. Those businesses that have proven their stability and profitability over time but find themselves locked out of conventional funding because they lack the often-unrealistic rapid growth rate or disruptive technology of startups, have a new opportunity.

While many may assume that given Neil’s technology background, he would be more inclined to invest in businesses with significant technological advances. However, Neil and his team place more value on long-term stability and profitability, seeing more potential in established businesses with tried and tested models rather than solely disruptive, often speculative, technological innovations.

The Corporate Mortgage Model

One key concept underpinning Duke Private Capital’s approach is what Neil Johnson refers to as the ‘Corporate Mortgage.’ Unlike traditional bank loans that demand repayment after a fixed timeframe, Duke’s investment offers a 30-year plan to service the investment with a monthly payment tailored to the business’s financial capacity. This reduces the refinancing risk typically associated with bank loans and provides a comfortable runway for business owners to nurture and grow their enterprises.

Neil Johnson’s advice to business owners who aspire to grow their businesses and scale new heights is to hold on to their ownership stakes as much as possible. Business owners should seek to leverage flexible financing options that prioritize their vision and control of the business operations. Duke Private Capital offers such a unique and encompassing solution. Entrepreneurs can notably gain from such hybrid resources that not only provide financial investment but also strategic partnerships.


while entrepreneurship is fraught with challenges, particularly during growth phases, established businesses can harness innovative financial strategies and partnerships to scale. Through Duke Private Capital, Neil Johnson has redefined the growth finance landscape, offering a “get rich slow” long-term strategy that resonates with many growing businesses. These insights from Neil Johnson are invaluable, and entrepreneurs can take a leaf from his book to spur growth in their business endeavors.

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