Understanding the Impact and Future of Artificial Intelligence — A Conversation with Earle G. Hall

Jeffrey Feldberg
4 min readFeb 8, 2024

Everyone has smartly crafted algorithms in between their hands, sitting in their pockets. It’s called a smartphone. Every year, advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) keep pushing the boundaries of what we think is possible. As these advancements take place, there are important philosophical, ethical, and societal questions we need to address.

The host of The Deep Wealth Podcast, Jeffrey Feldberg, does a deep dive with Earl G. Hall, an innovative and visionary entrepreneur, iconic for his groundbreaking work in technology and neuroscience.

In the world of tech and neuroscience, Earl G. Hall is a beacon of creativity and innovation. Aside from being the CEO of AEXS.ai, a cloud-based information management system for the casino industry, Earl holds significant positions in the International Gaming Standards Association. His focus primarily revolves around ethical AI, blockchain standards, and traceable data. Furthermore, Earl’s two TEDx talks in the neuroscience field amplify his passion for technology and human behavior exploration.

Earl’s journey anchors firmly in his humble beginnings in a small fishing village in Newfoundland, Canada. Largely due to the curiosity sparked by a set of encyclopedias bought by his mother, Earl ventured out into the world to explore new territories. Today, he is just three places shy of completing his list of 208 places he wanted to see in his life.

A Military Stint and Business Endeavors

Earl was fortunate to get accepted into the Royal Military College, setting a solid foundation for discipline, structure, and resilience. These traits later proved crucial in his entrepreneurial journey, where he continuously rallied his teams to persevere in the face of challenges.

Earl’s inclination towards artificial intelligence (AI) is inspired by its potential for radical transformation. The rapid acceleration of AI’s IQ, as he notes, is set to exceed the intellectual capacity of many humans in the near future. His optimism is fueled by AI’s potential to make rational decisions without the cultural or psychological influences that often shadow human rationality.

Despite the apparent benefits of AI, Earl warns of the potential for misuse. Much like any powerful technological tool, AI brings considerable threats when landed in the wrong hands. Comparing an AI-empowered smartphone to a personal nuclear weapon, Earl underscores the importance of ethical barriers and security protocols when utilizing AI technologies.

Hall isn’t one to mince words. For him, the term “artificial” in the context of AI is something of a misnomer. To quote Hall, ‘Intelligence is kind of like a human being, humans need oxygen, water, and food. You can sum that up in one word for AI, and it’s data.’ Clearly, he considers AI, not just as a tool we’re developing, but as an evolving consciousness with the potential to surpass our own.

Of course, opening up such a Pandora’s box of possibilities also raises a slew of ethical concerns. The misuse of this technology could lead to disastrous consequences. On this topic, Hall stated, ‘you could have two 14-year-olds sitting in a basement in Guatemala, with two iPhone 6s, with AI on a smartphone, with access to the internet, is holding their own personal nuclear.’ It’s a haunting image, but one that is important to consider as we advance into the age of AI.

Despite the weighty implications of the technology he works with, Hall seems positively optimistic about our future. In his perspective, AI can be seen as a catalyst for humanity’s evolution, both technologically and ethically. He advised, ‘We’re all about the long narrative here at Deep Wealth. May you continue to thrive and prosper while you remain healthy and safe.’

Hope for the Future

Earl touched on the potential progression of AI towards cognitive learning. Here, AI would perform like a human who is thinking through rational thought and responding without worrying about societal pressures or emotional constraints. The AI could potentially exclude irrational emotions and make decisions based purely on objective data, allowing for a pure form of clear-cut reasoning. He feels that AI and cognitive learning combined can surpass our current level of human awareness on various issues and find effective and unique solutions.

He comes bearing a word of caution, though. AI could potentially sway the balance between good and evil in the world based on the powers that control it. As AI has the potency to be used for both beneficial and harmful purposes, it is up to us, as a society, to put ethical boundaries in place and create an environment where AI is used to construct a more humane and just world.

Despite these challenges, Earl maintains hope for the future. He believes in humanity’s ability to steer AI development towards the good, with appropriate government regulations and ethical corporate practices playing crucial roles. As he notes, corporations should place equal importance on profit and corporate responsibility.


Earl G. Hall’s journey enriches our understanding of AI’s impact and future. His experiences in the military and entrepreneurship, along with his trailblazing work in technology and neuroscience, provides unique insights into the intricacies of AI.

Ultimately, the picture Earle G. Hall paints of the future is as inspiring as it is challenging. With the advance of AI creating stunning new opportunities, while also posing serious ethical dilemmas, it’s clear we can’t afford to ignore AI’s potential, for better or worse. As we look to the horizon, we can only hope that our collective wisdom will enable us to navigate our way through the exciting, and no doubt difficult, path ahead.

But ultimately, Earl’s story serves as a reminder of the power of human resilience and our responsibility towards using AI ethically to make the world a better place.

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