These 5 Proven And Powerful Letter Of Intent Strategies Help You Win

The Temptation You Must Avoid With The Non-Binding Terms In Your Letter Of Intent

  • Enterprise value
  • Structure of the deal
  • Financing
  • Earnout
  • Escrow

Why You Must Walkaway If You Buyer Insists On Walkaway Fees

How To Deal With The Exclusivity Period Following The Signing Of A Letter Of Intent

Why You Must Do Diligence On The Time Required For The Due Diligence Period

  1. Find and remove the skeletons in your closet.
  2. Find your hidden Rembrandts in the attic and put them out for display.

The 3 Must-Have Deal Terms In Your Letter Of Intent

  1. Your non-compete
  2. Treatment of employees
  3. Governing law




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Jeffrey Feldberg

Jeffrey Feldberg


Helping you capture the best deal on your exit through the Deep Wealth 9-step roadmap. Leverage the same strategies I created for my 9-figure liquidity event.