• Parth Patel

    Parth Patel

    πŸ’» Computer Science 🌏 Software Developer πŸ–±

  • Hamid Rezazadeh

    Hamid Rezazadeh

  • SocialVibes


    Indie Publisher with Internet marketing experience

  • Altaaf Aboo

    Altaaf Aboo

    www.altaafaboo.com β€” Join 100k other subscribers by signing up for my private newsletter and get free access to our growth insights and courses

  • Lavonya Jones

    Lavonya Jones

    HBCU Advocate, Hamptonian, Regent Royal, Fight Poverty, Create Jobs, Social Impact, Social Innovation

  • Xfactor


    I am a humanitarian that thrives on spirituality. I believe there are a few chosen prophets walking among us. I think I too have some stories to be told.

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