CFO Neil Livingstone Shares The Role Of CFO In Boosting Business Success And Wealth

Jeffrey Feldberg
3 min readFeb 4, 2024

In the constantly evolving world of business, it’s crucial to remain in control of your finances and make informed strategic decisions. Realizing and taking advantage of your business’s full potential can be an overwhelming task for most business owners. In such situations, the insights and guidance of a seasoned virtual CFO can prove invaluable. The Deep Wealth Podcast host, Jeffrey Feldberg, speaks with Virtual CFO Neil Livingstone on little-known and powerful insights.

This blog features an enlightening conversation with Neil Livingstone, a career CFO, business owner, and founder of Deep Wealth. Through his extensive experience in various senior CFO roles and as the founder of a virtual CFO service for mid-sized businesses, Neil shares essential insights on driving business growth, navigating liquidity events, and the importance of authenticity in the business industry.

Understanding the Role of a Virtual CFO:

CFOs are crucial to business success, guiding the company’s financial strategies and decision-making processes. By overseeing the financial aspects of a business, planning, and strategizing, a strong CFO ensures the company’s visionary goals align with its financial realities. Furthermore, a CFO focuses on mitigating risks, optimizing returns, and providing control and discipline for consistent action and results.

However, businesses should not consider the role of a CFO as purely numbers-focused. While financial control is vital, Neil emphasizes that a skilled CFO should also effectively function as a business coach. Through their holistic understanding of the business landscape, they can lend valuable guidance on areas outside of finance, such as sales, customer satisfaction, and team building.

Leveraging KPIs and Reports

Neil explains the importance of clearly defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). A successful CFO partnership creates a set of KPIs that truly reflect the business’s trajectory and potential. These indicators should help with real-time tracking of the business’s performance, ensuring everyone in the company is in unison towards achieving the set business goals.

When it comes to an exit or liquidity event, foresight is paramount. Upon starting work with a new client, Neil emphasizes the importance of business auditing and due diligence preparation. Successful liquidity events require a deep understanding of the buyer’s perspective.

Moreover, a competent CFO should go beyond the financial approaches and delve deeper into the business’s overall functionality, addressing aspects critical to the company’s valuation. According to Neil, an essential factor that determines the valuation is the business’s dependency on the owner. If a business is too reliant on its owner, its valuation can decrease significantly.


Whether you are a business owner preparing for a liquidity event or actively looking for ways to unlock your business’s full potential, Neil Livingstone’s insights demonstrate the clear advantages of a skilled virtual CFO partnership. The benefits extend beyond pure numbers and into a deeper understanding of business strategies, discipline, and goal achievement.

As Neil concludes, authenticity, clarity of objectives, and a consistent focus on your business’s core strengths are the pillars of success. Thus, partnering with a virtual CFO may very well be your ticket to achieving profound business success.

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