Author And Coach Joey Drolshagen Reveals The Art of Mastering Business Success

Jeffrey Feldberg
4 min readJan 30, 2024

Despite all generations of wisdom emphasizing its key quality, mentality remains a barely explored plane in the entrepreneurial world. Jeffrey Feldberg, host of The Deep Wealth Podcast, does a deep dive with author and coach Joey Drolshagen who is a master of the art of using one’s mindset to cultivate wealth.

Building a successful business is often equated with hard work, sacrifice, and long hours. While diligence and commitment are surely part of every successful venture, transformational coach Joe Drolshagen argues that mindset and allowing flow also play pivotal roles.

Rich Via Your Mind: The Fundamental Concept

Every entrepreneur dreams of wealth that sinks deep into more than just their pockets. Joey Drolshagen, a dynamic business coach and mastermind behind the Subconscious Mindset Training (SMT) method, discusses the first principle: wealth draws from the mind. He explains how mindsets shape perceptions, actions, and eventually, outcomes.

Drolshagen’s first key advice to business owners is based on clarity. He encourages entrepreneurs to have clear answers to the question, “What do you want your business to look like?” Drolshagen emphasizes the importance of creating a ‘dynamic vision’ — a realistic projection of desire based on personal conditioning.

However, as Drolshagen points out, this clarity must extend beyond mere superficial goals and dive into a deeper understanding of our subconscious conditioning. Our subconscious mind holds all of our beliefs and habits and dictates how we react to various situations. Shifting the programming here enables the manifestation of our business vision.

A vital aspect of Drolshagen’s approach involves understanding our perceptions and how they dictate the ultimate reality of our lives. The belief that we need to work tirelessly or make sacrifices to achieve success is deeply engraved in our subconscious.

Drolshagen argues that the conditioning which results in exhaustive hours and hard work springs from our perception. He suggests reprogramming the subconscious to align it better with our vision and to streamline the manifestations and outcomes.

Mindset of Wealth: Align, Manifest, Transform

Joey illuminates on his SMT method, which is firmly grounded in aligning one’s mindset, manifesting one’s vision, and transforming one’s life, in that order.

  1. Aligning: The first step involves laying the blueprint of what you want your business to be. Ignoring the boundaries, constraints, and limitations intertwined in your life that may hinder this visualization is crucial here. Foam your end game with complete clarity, irrespective of how ‘unrealistic’ it may seem.
  2. Manifesting: Next comes the stage of breaking free from the barriers and stereotypes of ‘massive actions.’ Instead of exhausting your resources in the pursuit, Joey encourages businesses to align mindsets and manifest visions. By doing things in a particular way and not doing specific tasks, success flows naturally, leading to results beyond traditional spectrums of growth.
  3. Transforming: Lastly, entrepreneurs transform their subconscious conditioning, allowing prosperity to show on the outside. As Joey puts it, it’s not about changing what you think, it’s about shifting perceptions.

To implement the ‘Align, Manifest, Transform’ concept, one must shift their perceptions. This process might prove challenging because of social subconscious programming that wants us to fit into molds. The secret here is to embrace ‘unrealistic desires’ and redefine your reality.

While Drolshagen acknowledges that most business development programs are a one-size-fits-all model, he counters that success is contingent on unique, accelerating habits. He noted that these habits and success strategies are largely specific to each individual and shaped by their unique conditioning, which determines their visions and desires.

Drolshagen’s Subconscious Mindset Training (SMT) system helps individuals identify their unique habit systems and transform subconscious conditioning. He assists entrepreneurs in understanding the hurdles to their success and equipping them with tools to shift their mindset and perceptions.

Conversations of Success: A New Networking Norm

Feldberg emphasizes the need to be careful about who you surround yourself with. Insights about their approach to success, and their mindsets will shape your path. Joey agrees, suggesting that surrounding oneself with like-minded people who view the path of success effortlessly can lead to satisfying results.

In essence, shifting our perception and conditioning our mindset to align with our desires can transform our entrepreneurial journey. With the right mindset, we not only secure financial wealth but also unlock a flow of success, which is the true essence of ‘deep wealth.’

Remember, in the entrepreneurial journey, the mind rules over physical resources. Keep adjusting your sails, mentored by people who have navigated the tides. Brace yourself, and savour the ride towards a wealthy life, not just in finance, but in fulfilment and a sense of accomplishment. Anything can be your reality if you believe it is. After all, reality is just a manifestation of our beliefs.


The takeaway of Drolshagen’s message is that success in business is not just about working hard. It’s about leveraging the power of our subconscious mind for greater success while minimizing exhaustive effort. It involves creating a clear vision of success and aligning it with our subconscious conditioning for effortless manifestation. Furthermore, it’s about recognizing the unique nature of our success journey and the important role that perceptions play in shaping our destiny.

As Drolshagen succinctly concludes, the reality of our entire life is make-believe, dictated by our perceptions. At any point, if we find the results unsatisfactory, we can shift our perceptions and change our reality. This powerful insight provides a refreshing and empowering approach to business and life. Understanding this can be the key to unlocking greater success with less effort.

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